Cajun Mild Jambalaya Mix

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Cajun Mild Jambalaya is our top seller! That’s because it taste so good and is super easy to prepare! Cook it in the rice pot, microwave, or on the stove!

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3 – 12 oz. bags, 10 – 12 oz. bags, 10 lb. box, 18 lb. box, 4 case (40 bags) discount

15 reviews for Cajun Mild Jambalaya Mix

  1. James jones

    Man I started using this in place of mahatma rice for my jambalaya and know one was the wiser this stuff is so good with my recipe you can not tell it is in a bag I promise I am a traditional Cajun and I have been using this for many years now and they empty the pot every time

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you very much for the feedback and for being a great customer.

  2. Jamee Potter

    I have been using this mix for so many years! Actually, I was raised on it and now my kids are being raised on it. They are 18, 15, and 14 years old. That’s how long we have used this mix! We love it! We will always be faithful customers and I plan to raise my grandkids on too!! It’s the best!!

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you so much for your feedback and loyalty! We really apprecite it!

  3. Bobb Jackson

    I first had this while visiting family in Biloxi and absolutely fell in love with it. I brought several bags home to the mountains of Utah and my family here loves it too. We now order directly from in bulk and it’s become our favorite meal for a family get together. You can’t go wrong with Cajun Spicy.

    • Joan Landry

      Love hearing from our customers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kristine Hebert

    Have been enjoying this Mix since it became available locally. I appreciate your keeping the same ingredients which has a consistent outcome.
    Have shared your products during my many travel ventures. When visiting Seattle friends, my son cooks up a big batch. (As we know, a Cajun always travels with his seasonings & ingredients). Have included same in various gift baskets. Proud to support a Louisiana business.

  5. Cindy Varnado

    Had tried the dirty rice mix and it was all my Mom used.Decided to give this a try.For something quick it is delicious!!The rice cooks up fluffy.Will by again.I added smoke sausage and thighs to the mix.Very easy,and delicious.

  6. James Walton (verified owner)

    Just ordered another 10 bag supply; have been ordering this for around 20 years or so. I know I could save some money by buying in bulk but what the heck, I love the convenience. So good, so easy, great to have on hand for unexpected guest or just a quick, delicious meal anytime. The wife and I like a little bite but some of our friends can’t handle the heat. We always get the mild and add Tabasco/cayenne or just what ever. Great as is or a good foundation to be added too!

  7. Lacie Broussard

    We have been eating this for many years. We have to pick it up and bring it to our family that has moved to Texas. I also take it on road trips when we go to Mawmaw Diana’s house in Hazlehurst, MS. WE are bring the taste of Home everywhere we go, And they usually call back for more. IF we are making a few packs we mix a spicy in with the mild to keep the season up to par. Like it was said before thanks for keeping it consistent. We know exactly what we gonna get and never have to worry if its too salty or not.!!! which is a GREAT Plus for us.. Some of our kids are very picky eaters but let me tell you they bust a gut when this is served.. so it makes Meals and life lots easier for us. We LOVE Cajun Fry please dont ever change it..

    • Joan Landry

      Thanks so much for the feedback and for traveling with our products.

      We love to hear from our customers!!

  8. Jeffy

    Got from a market in nola, glad I did. Best, most down to earth version of the stuff I got.

  9. jenni

    My granddaughter has allergies, gluten free, diary free, & oatfree so finding stuff that is fast & easy is hard to do but your jambalaya & dirty rice mix is something she can have..she loves it !!!!!!! and of course we love your products as well

    • Joan Landry

      Thanks for the feedback Jenni. I love hearing from our customers.

  10. Jennifer Kent

    This is incredible! I just tried this for the first time and it will 100% be a regular in my house now!!

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you very much Jennifer for the feedback and for being a customer. We love hearing from you.

  11. Chris Fakier

    Had this for the first time in August and have now prepared it 6 times since! It is a favorite for my family and I bought 5 bags from our local grocer. I may order more directly. This is so simple to prepare and takes about an hour from start to finish.

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you so much Chris!! We really appreciate the feedback and love hearing from Cajun Fry Product customers.

  12. Cindy Detiveaux

    I love love love Cajun Dirty Rice Mix! Its a real crowd pleaser – Everyone enjoys and now Expects! All you need to do is add meat! We serve for all our holidays and family get to togethers!

  13. Cindy Detiveaux

    I love love love Cajun Dirty Rice Mix! Its a real crowd pleaser – Everyone enjoys and now Expects! We serve for all our holidays and family get to togethers!

  14. Beverly

    My Dad is 78 years young and very picky when it comes to food. I got this in my Cajun Crate and made it for him. He loved it; even ate two bowls! He said it’s better than what he can make. Question: I loved the gradeaux at the bottom but he’s not a fan (I ate it all!)…. how can he make it without the gradeaux?

    • Joan Landry

      Hi! Thanks for reaching out! If you are talking about the scartched part at the bottom of the pot, maybe try adding a little bit more water next time! It may also help to lower the fire a little, depending on how high you had it last time.

  15. Charice Adams (verified owner)

    As a military family, we spent 8 years in Louisiana getting to learn about the culture and the cuisine. 2 of my 3 boys were born there and love to claim that they are true cajuns! 🙂 For my middle son’s 13th birthday he has requested the mild jambalaya for birthday dinner, so I am here to purchase. The consistency and flavor combination never disappoints! Thank you for always being a hit! From the Adams Family in Fort Hood, Texas!

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