Variety Pack

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Our Variety Pack includes 1 Etoufee Mix 6 oz. bag, 1 Gumbo Gravy Mix 3 oz. bag, 1 Dam Good Stuff Seasoning, 1 Mild Fish Fry 10 oz. bag, 1 Mild Jambalaya 12 oz. bag, 1 Mild Pastalaya 8 oz. bag, 1 Creole Jambalaya 12 oz. bag, and 1 Dirty Rice 12 oz. bag.

2 reviews for Variety Pack

  1. Phil Daigle

    Pastalaya is great. So ea to cook

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you very much for the comment. We love hearing from our customers.
      Happy Holidays!!

  2. Kevin Costigan

    Joan and her husband Ricky bought the company from Marilyn to make sure it stayed authentic. They are wonderful to work with and you’ll never want to buy from the grocery again.

    • Joan Landry

      Thank you Kevin, enjoyed talking with you.

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